Finding The Right Person To Handle Wedding Photography

Your wedding day will likely be among the biggest in your life. Beyond the birth of a child and
perhaps the first day in the house that will become your home, few days come close to being as
special. With this in mind, finding just the right person or people to take care of recording
wedding memories will be vital. Wedding photography is an art form that requires skill and grace
with the camera.

There are two main options when it comes to wedding photography – hiring a pro or enlisting
friends and family. Both can result in some amazing pictures. To be honest, a combination of the
two produce the best results. The pro knows what shots to get and has an eye (or should) for the
unusual. They simply know how to capture heart stopping, eye popping shots. Family and
friends, however, know who is important to photograph and they have access to places the pro
might not be able to go.

When the combination plan is the chosen one, it’s important to make sure you ask friends and
family to shoot in advance. They need to know so they remember their cameras, get film if
necessary, and start thinking about what moments they’d like to capture. Another route here is to
provide everyone at the reception with a “throwaway” camera for you to get developed later. It’s
likely that many of the shots that result would make Ansel Adams cringe, but some of them just
might be spectacular.

Now, to choose the best pro to handle wedding photography, it’s important to start looking well
before the big day. You need to review, check out, price and book photographers. To find the
best wedding photography pros in your area:

  • Look online. Most professional photographers have their own websites nowadays. You can see their work in full color online. Look for pros whose photo galleries have the shots you’d like taken. The sites that have pictures that make you say “Wow,” belong to the pros you want to check out further.
  • Seek out recommendations. Ask family, friends and co-workers for recommendations. If you’ve found a pro whose work you like, check them out further. Ask for references. Don’t worry, they expect it. Do check into the references.
  • Check pricing. Some wedding photography specialists charge a minimal amount an hour or even by the package. Others command a hefty fee. Find out what to expect about pricing before you sign a contract. Make sure you understand exactly what you get for the price and do get the details written in black and white.
  • Interview the photographer personally. Remember, this is the person who will be running around on your big day with a camera. If you are not comfortable with the person and you don’t feel like they’ll shoot the big day in the manner you want, steer clear. A certain chemistry needs to be present for fantastic shots to result.

Wedding photography is an important consideration in the weeks leading up to the big day.
Recording memories to last a lifetime is a serious undertaking. Enlist family and friends, but
consider a pro to handle the “must have” shots.